Plagiarism Alert- Addison Scott updated

Author Cat Grant has been plagiarized. She found her book Once A Marine is listed as Addison Scott’s Coming Undone.  Marine on left, Undone on right.

Screenshot (2258) Screenshot (2259)

Grant is not the only one,

Screenshot (2274)

Saving Michael on left, Under the Influence on right.

Screenshot (2278)Screenshot (2277)

Looking through his titles on Barnes & Noble I found  Long Road Home which has essentially the same description as Donya Lynne’s Winter Fire. Fire on left, Home on right.

Screenshot (2276)Screenshot (2275)

Busy little gonif that he is, here is Andrea Dalling’s Seducing Jordan on the left and Scott’s Friendly Persuasion on the right.

Screenshot (2283)Screenshot (2282)

That’s 4 of the 11 books Scott has listed on Barnes & Noble in the last 12 weeks. I’ve sent an email to both Donya and Andrea but if anyone knows them please contact them.

Update: Just found this.

Screenshot (2284)

Update: All books plagiarized listed here.