Authors We Like- Michelle Knight

I will be posting two authors this week because I go diverted by the ongoing furnace problem, I think Old Faithful is on its way out. I found Michelle on Booklikes and she’s just the right amount of crazy and a lot of fun.

Hello there! Welcome to the slightly crazy world of Michelle Knight.
Seriously, life gave me a torch, pointed at the dark pits of humanity
and unceremoniously shoved me down one or two of them. I’ve got loads of
scars and bruises but I’ve at least made it this far!

I can look back on many things in my life now, and laugh. I mean, how
many have walked through the financial district of Munich with a skimpy
body, thigh high boots and a cape? I have. It was going great until I
got my stiletto heel stuck in a steel stair mat; you know the ones, with
loads of little diamond shapes. I don’t speak German and the doorman
didn’t speak English. I had to grip my heel with both hands and tug at
it, before the bloke got the idea that I needed help!

If my writing was a pie it would have a filling of real experience,
spiced with humility and topped with a crusty pastry of hilarity,
because I do like to laugh.

I’ve always been a creative soul. In my early twenties I took up
photography and was published in a few small magazines. I also started
to write and got some short stories in print as well. My first
specialist adult book was actually published as long ago as 1996. You
could have knocked me down with a feather when I saw it on Amazon
recently for sixty pounds! (Near a hundred $US) It is currently
unavailable, but it has one three star review; from me saying, “Don’t
buy it at this price!”

So here I am, twenty years further on with more experience under my
belt; both in terms of writing and also life. I’ve worked in a bakery,
driven light trucks, photographed weddings and much, much more. I’ve
even lived for a few years as a submissive under contract, so I know the
reality of what many have written as fiction. Long story short, I tend
to write honestly and from the heart.

Indeed, my return to writing sees the final book in the Submissive Heart
series nearly ready for publication. The project started as a film
script in 2005, but then became a book in 2014 when I couldn’t find
someone to take it on. Surprisingly, people wanted more so I wrote
another three. It is summed up best by one of the alpha readers…
“Overall I have finished reading the series with impression that these
books are meant to inform and educate rather than serve as fantasy
material for evenings in on one’s own. Which makes a refreshing change.
I do feel more informed and it has made me ask questions about my own
life as well as about legislative hypocrisy.” …I usually find that
other people can tell you more about me than I can!

With the Submissive Heart series done, I intend to focus on Science
Fiction and Fantasy; with a healthy dollop of comedy. The first of those
books is, “Check Mate,” and was released earlier this year. Now that
I’ve managed to survive a year of being published and no one has come
after me with torches and pitch forks, I plan to write longer, deeper

Screenshot (1729)



Find Check Mate at Amazon

here or here (uk)







The list of current books can be found here – – but you’ll find so much more in the
site, like fan fiction that I’ve written, how-to’s and even a, “Behind
the scenes,” of one of my upcoming books, “The White Wizard,” where I
show you my thought process and how I started to craft it, because some
people like to see those sorts of things.

For a sample of my personal photography, look here – – and for you
bibliophiles, the door knocker half way down the first page, is on the
door of Holy Trinity Church in Stratford; where William Shakespeare’s
body rests. The train crossing at the top is Glenfinnan viaduct, the one
that features in the Harry Potter films and I’m leaning out of the last
carriage in order to get the shot. There’s usually more to a picture,
and a person, than what you see!

Rather than shock and go for the quick thrill, my aim is to write honest
and deeper works; and I’ve been gifted more than enough laughter and
tears in life to be able to do it.


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