Authors We Like: Naomi Clark, author of Cold Night Moon

Like John I met Naomi over in the Amazon forums sharing our love of UF/paranormal among other things. Not content with working full time and writing like mad when she isn’t looking for runaway snakes, Naomi also has a lovely shop on Etsy, Common Brimstone, full of lovely scents.

Illuminite Caliginosus

This one’s from a good friend from the UK- Naomi Clark: office drone, Cthulhu enthusiast and werewolf aficionado.  Nome and I go back a few years over a love of UF and a dislike for… well, I’ll leave that one alone.  Anyways, Cold Night Moon is the lastest offering in her Urban Wolf series featuring a lesbian werewolf (yeah, you read that right) and I highly recommend you take a look.  And here’s a few words from the lady herself.

I’m really excited to be sharing my latest release, COLD NIGHT MOON – book five in my Urban Wolf Series. This is a series that’s really so close to my heart for a lot of reasons, and it’s great to be back in Ayla and Shannon’s world. I’ve been with these characters for six years now, and I like to think that each installment, whether it’s a short story like…

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