Something’s Broken and It’s Not The Angels

It’s very early Friday morning, too early to read that this situation is back again. Here is an excellent post by bibliogato on a new book about a Jewish woman, a Nazi doctor, and romance.

I’ll just leave you the link and three quotes from Elie Wiesel.

“My greatest disappointment is that I believe that those of us who went through the war and tried to write about it, about their experience, became messengers. We have given the message, and nothing changed.”


“In the concentration camps, we discovered this whole universe where everyone had his place. The killer came to kill, and the victims came to die.”


“It all happened so fast. The ghetto. The deportation. The sealed cattle car. The fiery altar upon which the history of our people and the future of mankind were meant to be sacrificed.”


KMM, Phil Gigante, & I Guess It’s Okay When It’s Not YOUR Daughter

Sigh. This is going to be a hard one. First, if you want to support and read Karen Marie Moning, fine. I quit reading her years ago, didn’t even finish the Mac and Barrons books. I would be mildly surprised if she became the next E L James but I wouldn’t notice if she dropped off the radar completely. Until this week she was just an author who had bored me but now she has graduated to an author who disgusts me.

I think Bibliodaze was the first post I read about this whole unsavory situation. Jenny Trout weighs in here. The Gilded Earlobe posts this, and Jeaniene Frost had this to say. What started all this was an announcement by KMM on her FB page.

Screenshot (4310)

The “issues” were the charges against Gigante involving a 14 yr old girl. “Issues” was not the appropriate word, felonies was the word. Posters queried their absence and someone posted a link to this article. Moning was not receptive and posted this:

Screenshot (4311)

And deleted any reference to Gigante and the charges. And then proceeded to post this:

Screenshot (4312)

And this:

Screenshot (4313)

Posters implored her to post what she and many people knew but there was nothing from KMM until this:

Screenshot (4318)

Before I get to the really disgusting part let us just consider the timeline. Gigante was charged in July 2015, he plead guilty to two of four felony charges in a deal that dropped the other two in October 2015, he was sentenced in December, is now serving his 4 months, and is registered as a Tier 2 Sex Offender. None of this happened in a hurry, there was plenty of time for Moning to get her facts straight before she went public.

A number of her more ardent fans have protested that Gigante was her friend and she was only standing up for him but wouldn’t you think a friend would be more conversant with the facts? Because she got it wrong, she got it wrong and asked her fans to trust her. What do I tell you, Dear Readers? Get the link(s), look for yourself. Some posters did and Moning deleted their comments because she knew better.

But I have heard that her last Fever book wasn’t as well received as previous ones and, cynical little me, I have to wonder if she decided that a little controversy would be good for sales. She wouldn’t be the first.

This original post is now gone. I wish I had screenshots of some of the comments she left up because this is where the disgusting part comes in. This is where Moning deleted the links to Gigante’s arrest and plea agreement but left up comments that tried to excuse his actions and place the blame, all or in part, on the girl. ‘Cause Phil is such a nice guy, so talented, what a shame to blame him when we all know what some 14 yr old girls are like.

You know the ones, don’t you?

If you want to get the feel for the mindset here you have to look no further than Moning’s  “apology” post.


“He’s the adult period.” This. Let’s look at a few facts.

1 Gigante is 49, his victim is 14.

2 He met her when he was volunteering at the school. If this isn’t an abuse of trust and power …

Screenshot (4308)

3. He’s married. With two children slightly younger than his victim. The only ones who have posted about what this must be like for her and their kids are those not trying to excuse Gigante or blame the victim.

I found two little interesting newspaper articles, the first one is here, I hesitated to link to it but it is easily enough found. The second is here, the company is registered to Natalie Ross.

Screenshot (4343)

That just doesn’t sound like such a good idea now. Gigante isn’t a nice guy. He didn’t make a mistake, he didn’t suffer a lapse in judgement. “”I had inappropriate conversations on Facebook private message,” Gigante told the court Tuesday.” Not a conversation but conversations. And there was an exchange of inappropriate photos. So not a one time thing.

Did he ever look at his children and think about someone having those conversations with them? Did he ever look at his wife and think about how he was cheating her?

People need to stop with the “yes, buts” and start talking about how to encourage children to speak up and speak out when an adult attempts to engage them in an inappropriate relationship.

Now, KMM is free to do as she pleases but it has escaped very few who are watching this that she hasn’t shut down the posters pointing a finger at Gigante’s victim and when they aren’t excusing and accusing they are stroking Moning’s ego.



I’m sorry, I must have missed all the whining and hating posts, perhaps someone could point them out? There seem to be a lot of posts full of love and praise for her bravery, her defense of Gigante, and her apology. Her apology.

Screenshot (4318)

Um, she made four that I count, which one is she apologizing for? The first where she announces Phil and Natalie are returning and not to “spread the hate” for the narrators who had replaced them? The one where she announces she’s deleting all the to protect all the parties involved and FB isn’t the place to discuss it. Then she continues to discuss it and does not protect the 14 yr old party involved. The post where she declares there is more to the story and many people know what really happened and Gigante’s not a predator.  Or the last one where she said she knew people would overreact and either you trusted her or didn’t, the facts weren’t what was reported, she was going to use him, and he was only charged with an improper message on FB. Which one?

When compared to her previous posts, it seems grudging and cold. And there is no request not to spread the hate and there seem to be no deletion of any comments to protect a minor.




Rachel Branton January Releases

Rachel Ann Nunes has posted an update on her GoFundMe about the progress in her plagiarism lawsuit. She still needs our help to reach her goal.

This month Rachel has two new releases under the name Rachel Branton, both will be or are part of a series.

Screenshot (4183)   Screenshot (4182)

House Without Lies is the third in a series but precedes Tell Me No Lies and Your Eyes Don’t Lie timewise.

Links: Print, Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Kobo, Google

Royal Quest just released today. Rachel announced a Facebook launch party with giveaways (including gift cards and a Kindle Fire) for the Monterra World’s seed authors on Thursday January 21st. She’ll be there for questions at 7:00 pm MST (or 9:00 pm EST).

Review- The Witch Who Cried Wolf

Screenshot (2890)Ugh, this is one terrible book. I tried to DNF it but it was like a train wreck; I just couldn’t tear myself away.

Mia is the heroine, a witch who is hiding her craft from everyone except one friend, another witch. She’s a doormat, everything in this book happens because she can’t say no. She sounds and acts like a twelve year old girl trying desperately to be liked by everybody.  She harbors a schoolgirl crush on her brother’s BFF, Ethan.

Guess who is the hero? A soldier on leave, Ethan returns to his hometown to spend the Christmas holidays with Nolan, his BFF, Nolan’s parents who are like second parents to him, and Mia, who he harbors a schoolgirl crush on.

I say schoolgirl for Ethan also because while the author head hops between Mia and Ethan there is no discernable between them. They both sound like twelve year old girls.

From the very beginning the problems with this book were apparent. “Jessa’s New Age shop–Eternally Magic– was empty. Usually, Jessa was around. But, right now, she wasn’t. I leaned against the front counter, resting my forehead against the cool glass. “-TWWCW  Um, yeah. So she walks into her friend’s shop and dithers around wondering where she is. It takes this doormat 5 paragraphs to do what any normal person would do- call out. And if she’s leaning against the counter how can she be resting her forehead against the glass? Is she vertically challenged?

Then Mr Hot Guy walks in and Mia wonders why he’s there and then is on edge because she can feel his power. He makes her nervous and hot and- “Mr Sexy scratched the back of his neck, causing his shirt to lift. My gaze skimmed his navel and part of the defined six-pack I’d known was hiding there. Somehow, knowing how hot he was under his shirt calmed my nerves a little. Surely, he was fine.” – TWWCW  Since when does a six-pack make a guy less dangerous? Single cell amoeba have better reasoning powers than this limp dishcloth.

Turns out Jessa, her friend and mentor, has thrown Mia to the wolves, so to speak, by volunteering her to make Mr Sexy a potion for his injured friend. Jessa knows nothing about Mr Sexy and Mia doesn’t know a whole lot about her craft but, hey, what’s a friend for if not to volunteer you to make a potion for an unknown someone with a mysterious case of poisoning?  “…I couldn’t stay mad at my best friend. That would just make the whole situation worse.”- TWWCW  What a wimp.

Not only a wimp but she has a jerk for a boyfriend that she really isn’t fond of but it’s just before Christmas and she doesn’t want to not have “someone” for the holidays. “Was I as thrilled about the relationship as much as Greg was? No. But I didn’t have it in my heart to break his  before Christmas.”- TWWCW Break his heart? Two pages back he cancelled a date and the first thing she thinks of is he’s having an affair.

Logical thinking has no place in this book.

Enter Ethan, our hero, he combines the best of both a twelve year old girl and a jerk. Mia has to pick him up at the airport because her brother pushed the job off on her and won’t answer his phone. He’s a jerk, too. Ethan isn’t happy to see her because he has the hots for her. His first words to Mia are, “What are you doing here?” What a charmer.

After an attack in the airport parking garage by a (were)wolf with Mia tossing fireballs around, Ethan can’t bring himself to believe that it was a werewolf or even a wolf and he wonders if she’s on drugs.  But still he is turned on by an injured and distressed woman while bleeding from his own wounds and barking out orders and demands.

“Besides I wasn’t the type of guy to use force with a girl, especially not this one.” -TWWCW Oh, really? He demands she tell him what really happened, asks if she’s on drugs, says she was always imaginative, asks what she is, locks the car doors, grabs her wrist, threatens to tie her up, threatens to drag her out of the car. I guess coercion is okay though.

If this isn’t enough to discourage you there is still the breakup with the jerk boyfriend, the whole werewolf problem, the obligatory sex scene, and an ending that just sort ended without much resolution to anything.

Two less attractive main characters would be hard to find, not impossible, but definitely hard.



Just Released- Tipping

Screenshot (4046)My friend, Gregor Xane, goes back to the barnyard in his new short story, Tipping. I hear it’s quite moo-ving, one way or the other. On sale on Amazon for $0.99.

Little Wendy sneaks after her stepbrother and his buddies to spy on their top secret cow-tipping mission. She knows they’re going to take things too far, but doesn’t expect to come face-to-face with what it truly means to be human.

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