Saturday Night Beauty Queen Music Video Credits and Thank Yous

Saturday Night Beauty Queen debuted on Vevo yesterday afternoon and already there are over 27,000 views. Here are the credits, which you won’t see on Vevo. Please drop over and give it your support and make my agent a happy man.


Recording Artist/Script and Song Author

Justin Tranchita


Director/ Producer /Choreographer/Script Collaborator

Brian J. Trim


Director of Photography/Editor

Benjamin Foote of Benjamin Foote CP

Production Assistants

Anthony Kalil

Curtis Ward

Layne Austin Simescu

Mike Zawacki



Protagonist (Justin) – Justin Tranchita

Pastor’s Daughter – Makenzi Cochran

Preacher – Brian J. Trim


Principal Senior Male Card Players

Old Justin – Cody Broome

Supporting Male #1 – Bruce LaRue

Supporting Male #2 – George Brown

Supporting Male #3 – Curt Ward

Principal Senior Female Card Players

Old Justin’s Crush – LindaLee Austin

Supporting Lady #1 – Faith Wheeler

Supporting Lady #2 – Joanna Courteau

Supporting Lady #3 – Judy Cohen


Hostess #1 – Carissa Weinberg

Hostess #2 – Shelby Leonard

Girls’ Night Out Ensemble:

Kelsey Segasser, Kali Smith, Caroline Cook, Cara Rakowicz, and Elizabeth Shults

Bartender #1 – Tonya Gilbert

Bartender #2 – Julia Ruppel

Waiter –…

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