Book Pulled From Amazon

The book written by convicted Canadian serial killer, Robert Pickton, has been pulled from Amazon. Whether Amazon bowed to public outrage or the request of Canada’s Solicitor General, the book was removed on Sunday. There will be an investigation into how the book found its way to a publisher.

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Got Audiobooks?

Reblogged from Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia:

Hot tip courtesy my daughter, who heard about this at school:

Sync is a free audiobook summer program for teens, they are giving away 30 books, in themed pairs per week, over the summer.

Most of them are available internationally. There’s quite a range of topics, from YA through Non-Fiction, lots of genres

Requires Overdrive to download, and you can only download the books during the week they are posted, but it says once you have downloaded them, you may keep them (and that they are mp3’s and you can listen to them on other devices).

There’s actually some really good books in this program, and although it’s obviously aimed at kids, I can see a few things there I wouldn’t mind listening to.