Twitter Bans Kevin Weinberg/parogar and then…

WARNING:   Some of you might be uncomfortable or triggered by the obscenity and violence, both outright and implied, in the enclosed screenshots. 

Screenshot (6031)

Thank you, SisterShootToThrill, and thank you to John (Darkwriter) Green who taught me the joy of the screenshot.

Hello, Dear Readers,. this is a little something before the last (I think) post on scamming and coupon clubs  and Amazon. It’s about that basement dwelling mama’s boy, Kevin Weinberg/parogar.

And what has Basement Boy done now? I’m glad you asked. At the end of February, the 29th to be precise, Basement Boy or Moist Chihuahua as we now call him finally got himself banned permanently from Twitter. That makes it three bannings in just over a year- Wattpad, GoodReads, and now Twitter. You would  think that such an obvious attention whore would be a little more careful because if he keeps losing platforms to do the bidding of such sterling people as Annie Rice, Melissa (STGRB) Douthit, and Jaid (Ellora’s Cave) Black they might just stop returning his tweets. Oh wait, he can’t tweet now, can he?

The Moist Chihuahua has had a love/hate relationship with Twitter. Yes, it was a place where he loved to hate … anyone who dared to hold an opinion Moist didn’t like. But also he seems to have spent a lot of time deleting his account and then reinstating it.

Screenshot (5949)Screenshot (6377)Screenshot (6376).pngScreenshot (5948)Screenshot (5950)Screenshot (5955).pngScreenshot (5951)Screenshot (6080)

Yes, indeed, thank you, Twitter. It wasn’t all that long ago that Chihuahua tweeted this

Screenshot (5986)

But why did Twitter ban the Chihuahua? It’s sort of a mystery to him, just like much of life.

Screenshot (5940).pngScreenshot (6048)

Hmmm. I don’t think so. Sure, it might have been the proverbial last straw but Moist Chihuahua has posted other, more controversial tweets. You know I’m going to show you.

Screenshot (6011)Screenshot (6028)

Notice he doesn’t wish death on anyone but …

Screenshot (5988)Screenshot (6352)Screenshot (4658)Screenshot (5999)Screenshot (5996)Screenshot (5998)Screenshot (6009)Screenshot (6304)Screenshot (5975)Screenshot (5976)Screenshot (6326)

In case you couldn’t guess, one of those women is me. And reading through all his Twitter crap made me at least nauseous and bored. After a while I thought about sending him a nice thesaurus and dictionary.

Screenshot (6327)

Dear Cthulhu, all I can picture is thisScreenshot (3417)

Someone fetch him his smelling salts.

Screenshot (6034)

Pretty sure this is a different “her”.

Screenshot (6215)Screenshot (3747)Screenshot (6014)Screenshot (6222)

He haz delusions of adequacy.

Screenshot (6193)Screenshot (5981)Screenshot (3417)

I guess I should have warned you all that this will be a loooooong post.

Screenshot (6194)Screenshot (4655)

tRump is his personal wet dream, only a man with too much money and a bad toupee can give little Chihuahua what he wants most- freedom to yap wherever, whenever, and whatever he feels like.

Screenshot (6055)Screenshot (6099)Screenshot (6081)Screenshot (6216)Screenshot (6108)Screenshot (6105)Screenshot (6339)Screenshot (6306)Screenshot (2738)Screenshot (6117)Screenshot (6119)Screenshot (6120)

He’s still breathing, he’s still writing, he’s still being

Screenshot (6026)

Yeah, that. I guess it must have slipped his fevered little brain that he “destroyed” or DESTROYED his own life. Wattpad told him what he needed to do to stay and he chose not to do that. Too bad, not sad.

Back to the crap.

Screenshot (4111)Screenshot (3647)Screenshot (6018)Screenshot (6197)

Yeah, you forced him to do this. He’s powerless.

Screenshot (6061)

But he doesn’t wish death on anyone.Screenshot (6001)Screenshot (6002)PunishedScreenshot (6003)Screenshot (6006)

But he doesn’t wish death on anybody.Screenshot (6007)Screenshot (6008)Screenshot (6348)Screenshot (5990)Screenshot (5942)Screenshot (5994)

Kittens out-violent him.

Now you might be wondering if there is a point to all this, this, whatever and there is. Here I think is a good time for


Now on the same day Chihuahua went over to Reddit and posted about his banning.Screenshot (5925)

I’m thinking Twitter finally had enough of the reports of targeted harassment and inflammatory tweets and just seized the last reason he was reported and kicked him to the curb.Screenshot (6053)

I don’t think he’s gonna miss Twitter. They wouldn’t let him play by his rules.

Screenshot (5924)He’s not a violent person, fires of hell is just a sign of affection. Or barbeque.Screenshot (5923)

Not everyone supported the snowflake, uh, Chihuahua.Screenshot (5919)He doesn’t really mean what he tweets. It just feels good. Does he yell “Fire” in a crowded theatre? Free speech is All. This is a whole ‘nother blog.

Screenshot (5917)

Can’t argue with this.Screenshot (5916)Can’t argue with this either. He had plenty of opportunity to save his Wattpad account but he chose not to.

Screenshot (6054)Now, here we are and the Moist Chihuahua has announced he is banned and won’t appeal and won’t be back. So I guess he wasn’t getting enough love because

Screenshot (6374)

That’ll show them.

And now, the wrap up. So Chihuahua has announced no more twitter and good riddance.Screenshot (6074)

Screenshot (6058)

He got out just in time!    Or, did he?  You know what comes next. On the 29th, the day he was banned.

Screenshot (5913)Screenshot (5914)

That’s right, Dear Readers.

Screenshot (6063)Screenshot (6358)Screenshot (6071)Screenshot (6072)Screenshot (6069)Screenshot (6385)Screenshot (6381)Screenshot (6379)Screenshot (6383)Screenshot (6384)

Yeah, he won’t be going back to Twitter. And he really isn’t a violent person. He doesn’t wish anybody dead. He doesn’t hate women. He doesn’t lie. Really.

Thank you, Dear readers, if you are still reading you are gluttons for punishment.

Screenshot (4073)

15 responses to “Twitter Bans Kevin Weinberg/parogar and then…

  1. Yeah, he’s hoist by his own petard, and even KIA can’t stand the way he does the same old shit repeatedly. He attacks women, they defend, he screams like the pissbaby he really is. Nobody wants to deal with him. His “buddies” that are left are either tweens, geriactrics, or….whatever. God, you look at who he associates with and they’re all screaming assholes who attack people, then scream that their victim’s face attacked THEIR fist.

    He’s too much of a trail under his real name. If he EVER tries to go straight…..well, karma’s a bitch.

  2. Pingback: Twitter Bans Kevin Weinberg/parogar and then… | Illuminite Caliginosus

    • They can’t fix being a delusional asshole. Kevin Weinberg thinks deleting his facebook and old twitter are going to erase his ranting? God, that’s hilarious. Did Mommy give him an ultimatim? He’s getting close to thirty and has never had a job. His years of screaming “CUNT!” and “FEMINAZI!” and “THEY SAID I EYERAPED THEM!” are going to turn up any time somebody googles him. He thinks his new “publisher” is going to help him go legit? Gaaaaawwwwddddd…..

  3. Maybe I shouldn’t be commenting on a post that is months old, but I am extremely frustrated with his behavior and I believe this to be a means to vent. Kevin Weinberg has lost any and all respect I had for him. Especially when it comes to the latest video leak about who Donald Trump is. I don’t condone it and it is utterly baffling that a man (Weinberg) who was so incredibly liberal is now at the opposite end of the spectrum and constantly condemning feminism. I believe he needs to be taught a lesson and taken down a few notches. That is not the type of person that needs to be influencing the minds of easily swayed young people.

    • I guess I should write a follow up post about him being it looks like permanently suspended from Twitter yet again. He can say anything he wants but needs to realize there could be real life unpleasant repercussions if any of his followers act on his message. He wants free speech yet is the perfect argument for stringent rules about what is said on the net.

    • Wow I probably shouldn’t be commenting on a comment thread so old but here’s we go:
      I used to be an avid reader of Kevin’s back on Wattpad. He was blindingly liberal, and honestly I have him to thank for my liberal, stubborn, outspoken voice. He preached for gay equality and equal rights and didnt take crap for it and I took it in. He was my hero for so long. Then he got banned from Wattpad and then I grew up and stopped using Wattpad and I lost touch with everything about him. Then, I stumble upon his YouTube channel and see it’s kill Jews this and go trump that and I’m confused because wait, isn’t he Jewish? Hadn’t he said he was a (oh god I hate this word but) “libtard” and no conservative jerk would take him alive. I am so let down by his behavior. I have been thoroughly disappointed my a former hero. Somewhere he either lost his way, or all of this is just his form of a sick joke. Maybe he’s being ironic and doesn’t actually support Trump, or want to do any of the things he’s been tweeting about. But either way, he’s proven himself a truly sick person.
      Kevin, if you ever read this, you’ve let me down. You’ve massively let me down. You were a fighting voice for a lot of young people not less than five years ago. What changed? And your sweet mother you talked about. How would she feel? You said freedom of speech didn’t mean freedom to say whatever you wanted. Turns out you’re just a massive hypocrite. Oh, and you hated those too. Amazing what time does.

      • I’ve never seen/heard him on YouTube but he is still parogarr on reddit, you might want to take a quick peek. He blames a lot of women for his change of political views but I believe he will always go for the most controversial side no matter what they stand for. He also claims to be a “christian” now and considering what some of the so-called christians espouse today it’s a good fit for him.

      • I can relate. I was a young fan of his when I found him in 2014 and when he got banned, I also sort of moved on. Seeing this is…shocking, to say the least. Yeah, I always knew he had a colorful vocabulary of insults and was a bit temperamental, but in these screenshots he sounds like Eric Cartman taken to the extreme.

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