Authors We Like-James C. Ritchie

Screenshot (6830)A long time friend finally published some of his amazing work. Jim has been capturing pieces of Detroit for a very long time and now he has produced this amazing book. Here is the link to Jim’s website where you can find purchasing info.

A must have for those who love Detroit.




Check out what else he has posted while you’re there. Like these:

Screenshot (6829)

Detroit River Tunnel Co. railroad crane car

Screenshot (6828)

Industrial Mosaic

Screenshot (6826).png

Night Lights No. 23 – High St. Nocturne

Screenshot (6827).png

Silent Player

Another dawn greets this forever-silent piano in the Sam Leon Bar in the ghost town Bodie, California.

This photo is a Gold Award winner in the 2010 COLOR Magazine Single Image Contest. Only 15 Gold Award winners were chosen out of 324 entries comprising 2,030 images. It appears on page 71 in the May, 2010 special issue (No. 7).


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