Vox Day Shows His Ass, Chuck Tingle Points and Laughs

This is a tale of Big Dogs and Rabid Puppies.

Dear Readers, I woke up at a disgustingly early hour for a Saturday and have been wandering the net in search of entertainment and enlightenment. I’ve found both. To understand how entertaining this story is I need to take you back to 2013 when John Scalzi made The Biggest Loser aka Vox Day into a game for a number of charities that he (Day) would probably like to see wiped off the planet.

Because The Biggest Loser/Vox Day/Theodore Beale doesn’t believe in anything but the rights of the straight white man. That’s simplistic but it pretty much covers it. You know the type and you wish you didn’t. I’ll give you a quick and dirty summary of a couple events I think are crucial to the enjoyment of today’s post.

Back in 2013 The Biggest Loser or TBL targeted author John Scalzi probably for being everything TBL is not. You know, respected, well-liked, successful. Like author NK Jemisin. Here is a link to a lovely little article with some divine TBL quotes. And here is Scalzi on TBL, and this link, and then Scalzi again. I do so admire that level of creative thinking.

Screenshot (7698)Screenshot (7699)Screenshot (7701).png

Screenshot (7704)

Scalzi contemplating his next book.

Then in 2015 the Hugo Awards became the target of two groups, the Sad Puppies and the  Rabid Puppies, bent on keeping SciFi straight, white, and male, both in content and in authorship. It hasn’t been the resounding success that they wished, let’s use this link and this link. You would think that some people *cough* TBL *cough* would get the hint.

But, or should I say Butt, no.

Screenshot (7694)



TBL and the Rabid Puppies came back to this year’s Hugos. That’s right, TBL nominated Space Raptor Butt Invasion. I’m sure TBL and his foaming-at-the-muzzle littermates never expected Chuck Tingle’s response.


Now Tingle has made a name for himself with books like SRBI, indeed Tingle seems to find inspiration everywhere, or maybe in everybutt(?).





And it seems that TBL’s nomination is no exception.

Screenshot (7693)

Yes, I bought it. I finally own a Chuck Tingle. You’ve heard the adage, if you can’t run with the big dogs stay on the porch? Read this. If life is like a yard and a porch Scalzi and Tingle are running free and Vox is trying not to fall down the steps (yet again).

What could be more perfect?

Screenshot (7705)

Vox reacting to Tingle’s announcement.

Screenshot (7696)Screenshot (7695)

Two books showing Tingle’s expertise in business and social issues.

Screenshot (7703)

Tingle demonstrating the correct way to show your ass.

I was going to include a couple of Day’s books but

Screenshot (4482)

Paul and his friends found them first.