This Is Kevin Weinberg

Hello, Dear Readers, this post is for those who are dropping by to read about our favorite basement dweller, Kevin Weinberg.

The Sad, Sad Tale of a Basement Living Mama’s Boy

GoodReads Bans Kevin Weinberg/parogar

Twitter Bans Kevin Weinberg/parogar and then…

He can’t say enough bad things to and about women but when challenged to produce the same level of vitriol about a man, he wimps out.

Limp, Flaccid & Boring: STGRB and Kevin Weinberg Can’t Find Anything Bad to Write About Me (I’m SO Disappointed)

So there you have it, his mama must be sooooooo proud.

7 responses to “This Is Kevin Weinberg

      • TBH I find it disturbing that you’re inquiring about my age, since it doesn’t concern you at all :/ And lol what kind of name is “moist Chihuahua”? What does that even mean??

      • And we’re anonymous because you have a track record of destroying anyone you don’t like lmao and stalking them for years.

  1. Wow what an obsessed stalker. Stop stalking him, creep! You’re obviously just thirsty for attention b/c your’e ugly and lonely!

  2. Ah, little diviner, destroying someone is more in your delusional yappy little friend’s line. He manages to pretty much ruin anyone he “helps” but then he only “helps” them for his own benefit, doesn’t he?

    Do everyone a favor, stop drinking his Kool-Aid and grow a brain.

    • Oh, dear, Kevvie sent his jailbait fangirls after you! Now that Rice and Black AND Reddit have seen his true colors, you have to wonder if it’s made him realize what he really is.

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