Manipulation of Review Rankings at Amazon (Or, How I Lost Respect for an Author Today)

My favorite blogger from Down Under about an author that should know better. Someone didn’t like her book, awww.

Tez Says

Tuesday is the common day for book publication in the U.S. (by the major publishers, anyway). I planned to blog August 2nd’s book releases, and then do my weekly release-date checks.

At 11:30PM, I have done neither.

Reading Facebook at lunchtime, a particular post stood out – for the wrong reasons. It was Public (as opposed to Friends-Locked), and it was on the author’s official Page (not her personal profile). I don’t know if the author manages her account, or if an assistant does it, but what I came across was something rather unprofessional.

I often complain about authors posting passive-aggressive requests for readers to review and “promote” (translated: “spam”) their books, because “it really helps us get more visibility/publicity”. What I saw today was worse than that.

The author is no stranger to traditional publishing, formerly with HarperCollins and now with Simon & Schuster. I have 19 of her…

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