The Faleena Video- Pt I

Okay, Dear Readers, let’s get this video flogged. Sorry that I can’t post it but it seems Princess Pickled got it taken down everywhere- except for those copies we all are keeping in our libraries in case they’re ever needed, say in court when she tries to deny her actions or her words.

I think she thinks dramatic pauses will make her mess look better. It just makes it cheesy and already I wonder about her acting ability. But I forgot this:

Screenshot (2485)

Threatened to the point of dangerous? Does not even make sense and she tries for a “significant look”. Tries and fails because- whiskey. What a llama.

Then she “beseeches the money grabbers to back the fuck off “.  Okay, princess seems to not know the definition of beseech because you would not “beseech”  in the same sentence where you insult those you are beseeching and then order them to “back the fuck off” but then we have to take the whiskey into consideration.

Big dramatic pause, Faleena’s mind.

Okay, she has this smile, it looks sort of like a shark, all teeth and weird eyes. She claims to be building a brand and gives the camera the smile and you try to ecide what brand she’s going for, Smirnoff? Baileys? Maker’s Mark? She’s building a brand, Dear Readers, and you, you know who you are, are writing. One. Book. Then the whiskey tricks her into saying that that one book off of which you are piggybacking her series.  I replayed it to make sure and, yes, that is what she says.

Screenshot (2485)

Screenshot (15948)

Screenshot (4625)


Then she assures us that it’s not all writers using her success. But how is she going to distinguish between who is and who isn’t? I guess the answer to that is if a writer isn’t Tara Crescent then they probably aren’t using her success for their own monetary gain.

States the obvious more writing=more money so go write then leaps to leave  my fans, family, models alone.

And then  comes one of the most bizarre moments  she starts saying,”shes the bully she’s the bully” while making  stabby gestures and then a noise somewhere between a cat hacking up a hairball and a minah bird got caught in a garbage disposal.

Calls those who disagree with her decisions sick bastards for bothering people cause you know nothing is saner than a drunk woman making stabby motions on a video where she’s claiming to be building her brand.

Screenshot (2581)

She again demand we focus on her (something she really likes).

Did she really say make your face? What’s behind the avatar, heda tilt, mmm-hmm “you know who you are”. Man, she really is jealous of Tara.

And it’s her who made this mess, but only in the sloshy brain of a jealous, jealous woman.

Everybody likes her world, her readers are great (but easily confused and sadly unsophisticated) and wouldn’t do what we have done. Yeah.

Reads a card of thanks about her book. So there.

Reads several cards. So there and there and there again.

I thought I would enclose this ss of a card for Faleena,

Screenshot (2583)

Cause I read a couple excerpts from your books, sweetie, and believe me, you have my sympathy. Damn.

But her people, they love her her writing, her looks, her winning personality.

Her books save lives. Nothing new here. Once again, Laurell K Hamilton makes the same claim. I’ve read this claim from authors and usually authors that write crappy books. I have to wonder if the people who claim these books save their lives read them and then think, “Well damn, my life is bad but not as bad as this book,” then go off to breakfast and a new, better life.

What are we doing is working against goodness and light.

Screenshot (2584)

Then she indulges in some wishful thinking, saying there are shadows on authors we love and they are going down because less people are following them because of the actions of their followers (us).  Now I hate to point out mistakes to a drunk (no I don’t) but there is an uptick in books sales for authors you have attacked and I’ve read a number of posts from your now former followers.  I myself have purchased The Cockiest Cowboy Whoever Cocked, Cocktales, Cocky Doctors, and Cocky Firefighters.

people don’t like us, and once again she’s projecting.

Only hurting ourselves not her, people won’t buy your books. Well, I don’t write books so I’m not at all bothered and let me just point out again the four books I bought from authors I assume she’s trying to refer to.

She didn’t bully anyone, she sent private, legal cease& desist letters and she’s mad they were posted but what anyone wants to do with their mail is not for her to dictate. I am quite sure she didn’t want her lame-ass attempts and intimidation posted for all to snicker at.

She repeats the whole “she’s the bully” with stabby motions  and hairball and minah bird noises. Holy shades of Psycho.

There are good people out there  and she’s sold half million book in series and it’s not porn. I’m picturing the floor around her looks like this:

Screenshot (2585)


World’s in a sad place and we’re an example of why.  Weepyness.

Screenshot (2586)

And then she bounces back to demanding we keep attacking her, please, she doesn’t mind.

But leave the innocents alone.

She’s just a good business woman trademarking her series (and a common use word), her font (which isn’t hers and she can’t legally TM). Please explain the good business of being drunk online.

You know who you are she’s done lunch with you. Meaningful look.

Ah, it becomes very apparent she means Tara.

Okay, now she says “maybe your writing is amazing” and I’m thinking she is so jealous of Tara’s writing and success that I wouldn’t want Tara to be left alone with her.

A weak person destroyed her instagram account.

Millions of readers wouldn’t do that (but they did) and those millions are her tribe. Wait, she has a tribe of millions but sold only half a million books?

She tries to claim again we are destroying our authors  by hating her. Here she makes a hand to the hair gesture that screams she knows it’s a lie. And once again we have Projection By Faleena as she claims her readers write other authors saying they are calling Faleena’s readers stupid, and their kids are stupid because they are autistic and autistic is called stupid. I would like to think she isn’t calling autistic individuals stupid but she’s drunk and after reading her post on what women should do to empower men I no longer can give her the benefit of the doubt. Read it here .

She fails to see what’s wrong with trademarking ‘cocky”. Yep, it’s about Tara. She’s furious about Tara’s cocky books. Tara started a cocky series but Faleena is building a brand and Tara’s just riding her coattails to stardom. She needs to go write a better book and leave Faleena alone with cocky.

She demands we give her hate, please.

Well, first she tried to shame everyone then she tried to scare everyone about losing support for their favorite authors and neither has really worked. Too much to drink to really make it work.

At 13 minutes one last word.

Long sad pause, soft voice, bring it she can take it (home from the nearest liquor store).

She’ll be writing (Dear gods, no, but if she must then I hope she sobers up first)

Longggggg pause then 1 more thing.

Wonders if that (her vid) was okay. Um, how do I put this? NO.

Not Safe For Work No GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Swearing fights, with her inner sober self. Sober loses bigtime.

There’s 2 minutes I won’t get back, more sighing and squirming, now 4 minutes I won’t get back.

OMG, she gets that life’s hard. She’s been through some shit, the last 4 days are nuthin.

Bring it, with crooked finger.

Now she loses track of what she started out with and starts handing out advice on how to live our lives. While drunk.

She understands we got opinions, we are all good,  rambles on, on, on, on, on, on, I guess about writing for a living. What happens if we want something try and fail?  If we all did what we want there would be no hate.  But, Faleena, what if we want to kill people?

Then this quote:

Screenshot (2592)

We have lost our way and our minds, we can have everything our hearts desire. And now she’s talking Master Class. This is 31 minutes, 50 seconds. There is an hour and 12 minutes left, i really want a drink but watching Faleena good example of a horrible warning I don’t think I can.

More after chocolate.





Faleena Hopkins Denies Revised

She’s baaa-ack! This was on her Twitter this morning:

Screenshot (2576)

Mmmm,yeah. Right. Sure. It seems Princess Pickled might have a short term memory problem so some kind soul helpfully posted this:

Screenshot (2574)

From the replies it doesn’t seem like other authors and readers are buying what she’s trying to sell.

Screenshot (2572)

Screenshot (2573)_LI

Screenshot (2575)_LI

There are more replies on Twitter but as you can see things still aren’t going in the direction Faleena wants. it would be a huge help if she didn’t try to claim one thing in court and the opposite in her author group and on Twitter.

So, are her readers so unsophisticated that they can’t tell if who wrote a book with the word “cocky” in the title? Do they believe all books with a cover model used by Faleena means the book’s author is plagiarizing Faleena? Is it truly impossible for them to return an ebook?

Does she keep them locked in the trunk of her car?

And what’s with this stuffing of her books?

Screenshot (4483)

Paul really wants to know about book stuffing. Do you? Linda Hilton has written an excellent post here .

Revision or addition:

Hold the phone, Faleena, Wells Fargo ? Not exactly the workplace to brag about.

Screenshot (2579)

Screenshot (2580)



No One Knew Faleena Hopkins’ Name & She Was Stupid Enough To Change That Revised

For John and Marion who have seen this kind of behavior far too often, sometimes from much better writers

Meet Faleena Hopkins, an Indie author very, very few people had ever hear of before a couple weeks ago when she decided that the world wasn’t smart enough for other authors to use the word “cocky”. Sigh. It’s a really, really long story, and stupid.

Video removed before she tries to have this whole blog taken down. Fear not. I’ve taken notes.

Screenshot (2485)

Welp, she didn’t promise not to drink and blog so here we go.

Screenshot (2456)

Hooo, boy, TEH  DRAMAZ. I haven’t seen all that many people defending Princess Pickled but maybe I’m not looking in all the wrong places. No one wants her blood, they just want the word “cocky” back to its former, pristine, untrademarked self. Is that too, too much to ask? And what the hell is “too dark”? Bitch, put down the bottle, get up, and flick the light switch.

Screenshot (2486).png

And about that light, a light in the eyes does not prevent others from smelling the bullshit.

Screenshot (2457)

First of all, am I the only one who thinks this is just self-indulgent drivel? So Faleena admits to writing the C&D letters, no surprise, tell us something we didn’t know. I guess that the “saving money” because she has use hers for all sorts of other stuff might be new but, really, there has been some speculation about how much money Faleena really has. I guess the amount has changed at least once.

And no, this is not the worst mistake of your life. But you STILL haven’t figured out what is, stop drinking and see if your ability to think and act like the professional you purport to be suddenly makes an appearance.

And, Princess Pickled, you are entertaining, sort of. In a what-is-she-on-or-drinking, is-she-really-that-stupid, does-she-think-we’re-that-stupid, torpedoed-her-mediocre-writing-career kind of way.  A lot of popcorn and liquor has been consumed watching you histrionically nuke your writing career. Of course, not by those you’ve made miserable by your money grab.

Ohhh, Princess, you think your life is hard?  You chose this, so stop whining.

Screenshot (2458)

Her name, her name, her  bee-you-ti-ful name, sullied by the masses. Loook, look, the hellz, the hellz she is suffering, suffering. Friends suddenly aren’t 100% in her corner. Friends are smart. Princess, needs new unsmart friends.

Guess she has them because they are telling her to keep going. Here’s a clue, if they aren’t just in your head (and the bottle), they really aren’t your friends. Friends are the ones who tell you the things you seem to be ignoring. Friends are the ones you are now ignoring, friends are something you used to have.

“Hurt,  tired, an emotional artist protecting her babies. “

OMG, you sell your babies to strangers on the internet? What kind of monster are you? None. None, because as it has been said before, books aren’t babies.

Screenshot (2486)





Judging you, judging you.




Princess, no, you don’t sound like a huge bitch, you sound like a dumb bitch. And an arrogant one. Did it ever occur to you that lawyers are writers, too? That the average writer might be one, know one, live next to one, be married to one?

Screenshot (2459)

Oh, man, the self indulgence. No. The end of your rope? You trademarked a WORD, and you want sympathy from the writing world? Princess. Pickled. And Al-Anon? Try them.

All those mean people, being mean to meeeeeeeeee. (sob, hiccup)

A “publishing machine”? So, an author who has written a large number of books is a machine? Good try at dehumanizing but, bzzt, no cigar. Jealous much?

Screenshot (2460).png

You talked to other authors and they gave you good advice that you ignored because, hey, you thought it would be a career booster to take down a “bigger” author? I just bet you were writing out your self congratulatory remarks for that scenario when reality hit the fan.

“One had been a “friend”‘, one was being a really good friend but you just don’t know the definition. And speaking of not knowing the definition, sorry, getting ahead of myself.

“Much larger than they were”,  guess that puts them in their places.

Then you just had to try, she writes!, she threatens!, she’s exposed! all over the net. :You can’t bully upward”, tell me, I read, and have a screenshot somewhere) that your estimated worth in $17,000,000.00. Also heard you changed it to $2,500.000.00, so I gotta ask, who’s bullying upward?

Or maybe those numbers are as fake as some of your other claims, hmmm?

Then you do one of your people are simple and stupid and won’t look past her tweets when what you’re really hoping is they won’t look past yours. We are not simple or stupid. Dear Readers, what do i always tell you, look it up.

“She” isn’t a victim or a genius, she’s an author who can see beyond the end of her ego. Try it sometime, you will need binoculars.

She didn’t change your life, you did. Stop it. The problem with being morally comfortable with your choices and ignoring all those former friends who gave you so much good advice you ignored is that your comfortable morals are all about you and have nothing to do with the community you are busy shitting on.

Screenshot (2461)

Got news for you, princess, it won’t ever go away and that’s on you. Isn’t anything your fault?

I have no idea what went on with her Instagram account but I’m willing to bet she got a few less than complimentary remarks and realized the world wasn’t going to march to her tune so she shut it down.

So now that her name and books are in the public eye more people read them or read the excerpts and realize as I did that she isn’t that good of a writer. She rises to the level of mediocre but that’s just my opinion. And her writing style, do not get me started.

So other readers read her books and, surprise, they weren’t blown away. The crushing blow to that enormous ego must’ve really hurt. So of course they had to be haterz, they had to be “the mob”, they just couldn’t be readers/authors/bloggers who read a lot and wanted to see what the author who ha high-jacked a common usage word was capable of, and they found not much.

NY Daily News isn’t the only paper/magazine writing about it and most of them aren’t on your side. Cause they might be affected someday by your actions.

Harasses “real” reviewers on Goodreads and Amazon? Like your followers are doing? I’m sure some back and forth is going on but you and yours are not blameless. Once again, we aren’t stupid, we look beyond your claims of blameless martyrdom.

YOu are attacking people’s livelihood and you cry because they aren’t wishing you rainbows and unicorns.

Screenshot (2462)

Lose everything? No, no. They just want you to revoke your trademarks and go do all your other stuff cause your writing career is pretty much gone.

And new readers does not equal new admirers. We aren’t all going to love you and you guaranteed that now reviewers aren’t going to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Yep, there are videos but you DRANK and made an epic one (one I am going to get around to flogging soon) so I think you can pretty much claim the humiliation starts with you and yours. Own it.

Public flogging? A lash has not touched your skin. Put the damned bottle down. But, yeah, I admit I’m waiting because you are just so damned committed to forcing the image of yourself as a blameless victim on a group that has been there, seen that before. You aren’t doing anything new. You aren’t any better than those who tried it before you. You just think you are.

We don’t have to justify anything, you are a bully. Not a highly successful one but still a bully.

We don’t have to justify anything, you are a bully. Not a highly successful one but still a bully. (saying it over but not over and over)


Screenshot (2464)

You know, I’ve seen that claim about iTunes and KU before, now where? Oh, yes, Rebecca Hamilton. And that is  another interesting story.

So you are claiming someone, somewhere knew you were being approached by Amazon and iTuned you? How did they know? Did you tell anybody?

Oh those one stars on GR. Here’s a revelation for you, people do that all the time. It could be because they’ve read a book, or any or all of your previous books and decided that that was more than enough and they use a one star to remind themselves that they just aren’t that into you. Or they don’t like you and don’t want to buy your books. Or after 19 books they’ve given up on you improving.

Oh, for Cthulhu’s sake, get a grip. Nobody knew who you were. I doubt they all started writing “cocky” books based on the mediocre scribblings of a basically unknown author. Maybe they all liked Tara Crescent’s “cocky” books and decided to emulate her. I mean people know her. And maybe that’s your problem, they know her.

Oh, hey, Faleena, you are full of shit.  Readers aren’t confused, unless all of yours read drunk and then maybe they are, they can tell who wrote what. And if they buy one by mistake they can return it or read it. They might even like it, maybe more than yours. And maybe that’s another problem for you. Can’t always be the prettiest, most popular girl, princess.

And then you almost lost a reader because she read someone else’s cock book and din’t like it. She couldn’t look at two book covers with two different author’s  names on the front and figure out which book she read? She couldn’t tell from reading the free excerpt? One whole reader. An economic disaster of Titanic proportions.

Yes. I am mocking you, Princess Pickled.

Books gonna sometimes have the same title. And why would authors retitle their books because you want sole possession? Arrogant much? Maybe YOU copied THEM. After some of the shit you’ve tried I would not be surprised. No one trusts your word. That’s all on you.

Screenshot (2466)

So she uses ‘cocky” and you just can’t stand it. Man, I see a great promotional opportunity there but, hey, we all know now you don’t want to share. You are stupid.

And now you want to insult the RWA. Romance writers and readers as a group are the stuff of nightmares if you want to act like a money-grabbing moron. They protect their own and by extension other writers, too. They are not “self appointed”, they are an organization some of those authors affected by you belong to and those authors, quite rightly, appealed to them for help.

Screenshot (2490)_LI

You, when you thought you had more clout and money than a few indie authors.

Screenshot (2491)_LI

You, when you realized the little Indies called the motherfish.

It’s a fish-eat-fish world, Faleena, and you are a guppy.

Screenshot (2468)

Of course she isn’t going to call you, guppy, you threatened her children. Motherfish isn’t amused. You wanted the big time, here it is.

So now you consult a lawyer? Not sure I really believe this because somewhere in there should be a little section on them asking you what were you thinking? Or maybe what were you drinking?

You put yourself in that corner, no one else did that. Accept that you made the biggest mistake possible and then that you continue to add to it and you are a complete ass. You can get out of your corner, no one is holding a gun on you. But by all means, continue to be stupid, it looks so good on you. Not.

Everybody keeps screenshots. You would not believe my massive library of them. If you think that strikes terror in anybody’s heart, think again. Every word you have put out there and deleted is in someone’s library. Think about that.


Screenshot (2469)

So this is really all about Tara being the prettier, more popular author? A lot of people think it is. And Tara belongs to the motherfish, you have a very dim idea of how things work if you think motherfish can talk to you now. They can’t. You made sure of that.

Nobody will talk to you? Oh noes, why, why, why is this happening? If she could only talk to – who? You don’t want to talk to them, even now you only want them to lay down and let you dance on their body of work. After all, if you can get away with this once, what word will you take away next?

And if you are successful, what word will some other author take away? What happens if the word is “brothers”, princess? Because that’s next, believe it.

And that “sisterhood”, you could have been a part of that, so stop whining.

Whatever you lose is what you have chosen to lose. Words, actions, consequences.  Have you EVER accepted the consequences for anything you’ve ever done?

You keep saying you want to talk. I don’t believe it. You are trolling for supporters. Someone who will tell you, ” I’m a writer and I fully support you, you brave little toasted, uh, toaster.” And all the while going behind your back and trademarking “brothers’ and “family”. That’s your sisterhood, Faleena.

Screenshot (2470)

Bogart is not the term you want to use, princess. Unless you mean she refused to share with you and that opens up a whole new discussion.

So people had their successful books imitated. WOW! Something that has never happened- other than every single time a book or series is successful. How are you going to stop it?

I’m sorry some author had her long running success cut short, maybe, but no book stays top of the heap forever.

Screenshot (2471)


Well, yeah, that is how it is. But trademarking a word isn’t going to change it.

You have no integrity and your reputation is what you made it.

Screenshot (2472)

Still not gonna read your books. And so if you manage to hold onto that word you will reward some charity with your ill-gotten gains. I hope they spit in your face. And if you ever read this you won’t have the slightest idea why I feel this way.

I’m going to agree you didn’t do this for the money- not solely for the money. You did this for the power. And the fame, or in your case the infamy. You did it for the “that’s Faleena Hopkins the author who won” admiration you think a win will afford you. You think wrong.

Keep your stand, time and hopefully the justice system will kick your legs out from under you.

Screenshot (2473)

Yeah, your readers, the ones who can’t figure out if you wrote a book without you grabbing the word “cocky”. The ones that can’t figure out that if your name isn’t on the book then you didn’t write it. The ones who can’t return the wrong book. Those.

Then she posts a bunch of notes from her fans telling her how much she means to them and how her work changed their lives, saved their lives, etc. because no other author has ever had that happen to them. Hell, even the god-awful Laurell K Hamilton has fan mail like this, proving that even the worst drivel in the world is someone’s cup of tea.

Well, there you have it the “whole story” I guess according to Faleena, or as I shall forever call her Princess Pickled. Before I go, one last question:

Faleena, how drunk do you have to be to post something like this?

Screenshot (4483)

I’ll get to that video. Soon.

Please Help An Author Fight This Crazy Court Case

Ah, Rebecca Hamilton yet again. What can I say, probably quite a bit if I can find the screenshots.

David Gaughran

Christina Garner needs our help. She has been fighting a court case over the last year and is running an appeal for donations so that she can continue the fight.

If you haven’t been following this case, it is against a notorious author/box set promoter/marketer/”mastermind” teacher who goes by the name of Rebecca Hamilton – and also runs other author businesses like OTOH Books (formerly GenreCrave).

The name of Rebecca Hamilton may be familiar to you – and if it’s not, ask around. Because of the various suits and countersuits also involve claims of defamation, I can’t go into detail on what happened, but you can read Christina Garner’s eye-opening account on her GoFundMe page.

The most recent legal developments are as follows: as you can read on Christina’s page, Rebecca Hamilton lost her Motion to Quash this lawsuit. Rebecca Hamilton then filed a crazy countersuit against Christina Garner…

View original post 537 more words


Posted by Victoria Strauss for Writer Beware

I first started hearing about Curiosity Quills Press in 2016, because of its unusual early termination fees. Not that early termination fees themselves are unusual (unfortunately): I see them fairly often in contracts I’m asked to evaluate (and they are always a red flag; here’s why).

What makes CQ’s fees unusual is that they’re part of an annual event. This is outlined on CQ’s website, and also in its contract:

On the surface this may seem like a publisher being flexible and author-friendly–a get-out-of-jail-if-not-exactly-free procedure that authors can follow in a guaranteed and orderly manner. In fact, such provisions often work to the detriment of both authors and publishers–publishers because escape clauses may incentivize early departure, including by authors they’d rather keep; and authors because the costs can be enormous (not to mention unverifiable, if the publisher charges a flat fee or provides no supporting invoices). Plus, publishers can and do abuse termination fees–for instance, by terminating the contracts of writers who’ve pissed them off and demanding the fee even though termination wasn’t the writer’s decision.

Read more here.

Felix the Railway Cat

screenshot-13443On the first anniversary of its release Felix the Railway Cat has raised over $48,000 for Prostate Cancer UK. A remarkable cat indeed.

Available from Amazon in Kindle, hardcover, and paperback.

“When Felix arrived at Yorkshire’s Huddersfield Train Station as an eight-week-old kitten, no one knew just how important this little ball of fluff would become. Although she has a vital job to do as ‘Senior Pest Controller’, Felix is much more than just an employee of TransPennine Express. Felix changes lives in surprising ways.
She is always ready to leap into action and save the day: from bringing a boy with autism out of his shell to providing comfort to a runaway child shivering on the platform one night. So when tragedy hits the team at Huddersfield, it is only Felix who can pull them back together.
But a chance friendship with a commuter that she waits for her on the platform every morning finally gives Felix the recognition she deserves, catapulting her to international stardom . . .” Amazon



2001(?)- January 26, 2018

Friend, son, brother

At the end you couldn’t recognize anyone or anything and thought yourself alone, but you weren’t alone and you were loved. Sweet dreams, sweet boy.


Diego died  of complications from diabetes, it was an ugly end to a beautiful life, we had 4 yrs together after he was diagnosed.  I don’t usually solicit for a charity or non-profit but here is a link to one I support, Diabetic Cats In Need. They try to give every diabetic cat the best life they can.