Something Old

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Ah, books and what is better than a new book? Old remembered books with dust jackets. I just spent more than I should have but look at these covers! Look at the dresses. My favorite is the bias-cut beauty in Today Is Yours.

Screenshot (1326)Screenshot (1325)Screenshot (1324)

 Loring started writing at the age of 50 in 1914 and when she died in 1951 she had published 30 books and sold more than a million copies. After her death her sons discovered a large amount of unfinished material and has 20 more books ghost written under her name.

The language, mannerisms, styles, and lifestyles of the era(s) described in her books give a good idea not only of life at the time but what was being published as women’s fiction. Two of my new old books have men in uniform on the covers, I remember she wrote books about life in WWII and I believe her earliest books had a hero or two that had served in WWI, I think.

I’m looking forward to drooling over the covers and then doing a little time travelling before I set them up on a high (cats!), freshly dusted shelf.