The Great Rewrite-or Not

“History is written by the victors.”  Winston Churchill

“… our mission here at STGRB is accomplished.  The fact is that the bullies have lost their “holy” war. So, we won’t be blogging about them that much anymore.”  ” In other words, they have lost their power and they won’t be getting it back.”  STGRB

“When I was attacked that fateful day in July of 2012, my mind was caught in whirlwind. Confusion was an understatement. It was a low point of my life. I couldn’t understand how so many people could have so much hate in their hearts, and stupidity.”  “A relationship with a girl who suffers from a lack of mental stability took her hurtful feelings towards me, and had thrust them upon so many of her friends, worked them into a psychopathic frenzy to the point where I was viciously attacked online on a website known as Goodreads dot com.”  Carroll Bryant

“Everything I thought I knew, turns out I don’t know Jack shit.”   Carroll Bryant.  Bad sentence but, for once, he got something right.

“I had to laugh at the way they try to pass their manifesto of madness off as a legitamate book with all the bells and whistles such as footnotes and an index.  But in reality it is the same out shit trying to justify their sociopathic belief that it is their right to attack and destroy writers.”  Rick(ydick) Carufel

“Everything I say is substantiated, if it comes from my mouth then they will be my words or I will have fully documented proof, I won’t say it if it isn’t true!  I pride myself on my honestly and integrity …”  Eve Thomas

“Nothing has changed when it comes to reviews. Your reviews are yours and we value the frank and honest opinions of all our members. That’s what makes Goodreads different and special.”  Otis Chandler

Maybe it’s just that writing history should not be attempted by such poor losers, poor writers, and outstanding liars.

Eve’s Little Corner

“My choice, my decision was taken away from me this week, I was made to feel like a victim once again but rather than let a couple of people reveal my real name, my first name Heather has never been a secret but my last name I have protected for me and my girls I dug really deep and to be honest deeper than I have ever before and the night before my birthday I revealed on twitter my real name.” 8-2-12, Eve Thomas/Marie Heather Simpson

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Hi fellow Writers and Readers
I have just put my first attempt at erotica up on here and would appreciate any feedback that is on offer, good, bad or indifferent.
This is a totally  new style of writing for me and I am wondering whether to stick with it or shelf it for the time being and go back to writing the “normal” stuff Smile
I will of course try my very best to swap reads but appreciate only honest comments – I am here for feedback and to perhaps connect with other writers.
Many thanks  Heather Simpson/Eve Thomas  The Eyes
Posted: 01/07/2012 17:45:39

Poor Eve, she’s been in that corner a loooooong time. And who put her there? Why I do believe the first person to out Eve was EVE. Sorry, Eve/Marie/Heather, if you want to show how put upon you are, how beleaguered, you are going to have to do better. So many of us knew your name, so many of us knew where you published it, and like Rhett Butler, we just didn’t give a damn.

Eve Thomas, Professional Victim

Yeah, yeah, I know, her again.  There is a quote, “If you can’t be a good example, you’ll just have to be a horrible warning”.  Thomas is a good example of a horrible warning. She is what I call a Professional Victim, she will go through life protesting and crying that all the bad things, by her definition, that happen to her are Not Her Fault.

What is a Professional Victim? My definition is a person so focused on their own agenda that the possible outcome of any of their actions doesn’t register in their mind.  This is a person who will walk down an unlighted, deserted alley after dark in a dodgy part of town and cry because they got mugged. In their mind they were only trying to get to their car faster and only had to walk a short distance and and and. You and I might look down that dark alley and think that walking an extra block or two on a street where there are lights and people is a better decision but not the PV.

So we come to Eve, who is emoting all over Twitter about how VoicelessNoMore’s, , blog is too, too much when what it is is a wake up to reality call. But Eve won’t answer, she has her fingers stuck in her ears and is humming loudly. Oh yes, and none of it is her fault.

But I ask you if you are a survivor of domestic abuse would you ever put your real name on the net then use a pseudonym but tell everyone it’s a pseudonym and then tell all your real first name? Would you announce to the world you live in the same house where the abuse was committed? Would you tell them what kind of alarm system you have? Would you tweet your activities constantly? Would you publish pictures of yourself and your adult children?

Eve is all upset, so she claims, by someone using her real name on Twitter but, honestly, the first person to put her real name out there was Eve herself. Her married name and a picture of her with her ex-husband was recently published in a publication because Eve just had to write to Nigella Lawson and tell her her story and as a distant second offer advice on leaving a bad situation. But publishing the picture and her married name wasn’t her fault. No, indeed, not at all. If all she wanted was to offer support then she could have done it anonymously.

But that wouldn’t have put Eve’s name in the papers, that wouldn’t have given her what she really wanted. Publicity for herself. So now we know her husband’s name, another little piece of Eve’s identity to make it easier for anyone to find her.

So what do we know about Eve from Eve herself?

Her real name

Her physical description, pictures included

Her grandparents name

Her married name and her ex-husband’s name

The town where she lives

She has lived at the same address for over twenty years

The brand of alarm system she uses

She likes to tweet her various public appearances

She doesn’t want anyone to post any of this because an angry abuser might show up at her door. Does she think because she posted it it doesn’t count? No awareness. None. Eve can cry and protest till the cows come home but the only one putting Eve in harm’s way, real or not, is Eve herself.