Plagiarism or Cannabalism?

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Stealing Books in the Age of Self-Publishing

Stopped by Rachel Ann Nunes’ GoFundMe and found an update with a link to the following article.

One day two years ago Rachel Ann Nunes, who writes Mormon fiction and romance novels, received an email from a reader asking a strange question: Had she collaborated with someone named Sam Taylor Mullens? Nunes had never heard the name before. But the reader went on to say she had noticed similarities between one of Nunes’s novels, A Bid for Love, and another self-published book by Mullens. When the reader confronted Mullens about the parallels, she was told the two authors were simply collaborators. If that was a lie, the reader said—and it was—then Nunes may have been the unwitting victim of plagiarism.

With that single exchange, Nunes found herself part of a trend affecting many professional authors in the age of self-publishing. An anonymous stranger seemed to have stolen her book, changed it superficially, and passed it off as her own work. First published in 1998, A Bid for Love did well enough to spawn two sequels before it eventually went out-of-print. Mullens’ book, titled The Auction Deal, looked like the same story with much of the same language. In Chapter 2, Nunes writes, “The dark brown curls were everywhere. They were a curse, and had been for twenty-eight of Cassi’s twenty-nine years.” Compare that to Chapter 2 of Mullen’s book, which begins, “Dark brunette curls were everywhere. They were a curse, and had been for the thirty-one years of my life.”

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The Real Book Thief

Screenshot (7418)On March 29 I posted about a case of plagiarism involving author Ingrid Black and plagiarist Joanne Clancy. Yesterday Black tweeted to my friend John who has the blog, Illuminite Caliginosus, that she has written a novella about it. Released on 4/12/16 and for free at both Amazon and









Screenshot (7419)



While you are there you might want to pick up The Dead.



Plagiarism Alert

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In short: Two authors were former co-writers. They went their separate ways. One author published a book with only her name on the cover – but it was plagiarised from stuff her former co-writer had written.


From the publisher: John tells me there might be trouble with the link so here is a screenshot.

Screenshot (7348)


From the victim (via her friend’s Facebook):


May just be the one book, but in case it’s not, beware of solo books by this author.

Plagiarism Alert- Addison Scott updated

Author Cat Grant has been plagiarized. She found her book Once A Marine is listed as Addison Scott’s Coming Undone.  Marine on left, Undone on right.

Screenshot (2258) Screenshot (2259)

Grant is not the only one,

Screenshot (2274)

Saving Michael on left, Under the Influence on right.

Screenshot (2278)Screenshot (2277)

Looking through his titles on Barnes & Noble I found  Long Road Home which has essentially the same description as Donya Lynne’s Winter Fire. Fire on left, Home on right.

Screenshot (2276)Screenshot (2275)

Busy little gonif that he is, here is Andrea Dalling’s Seducing Jordan on the left and Scott’s Friendly Persuasion on the right.

Screenshot (2283)Screenshot (2282)

That’s 4 of the 11 books Scott has listed on Barnes & Noble in the last 12 weeks. I’ve sent an email to both Donya and Andrea but if anyone knows them please contact them.

Update: Just found this.

Screenshot (2284)

Update: All books plagiarized listed here.