A Little More Christine Catlin and Someone Else

Hello, Dear Readers, I hope you all had great holidays and are now ready for the rough and tumble of the book community. Today we have an “author” who found a new tactic to further erode the trust between authors and reviewers/bloggers. I refer, of course, to Christine Catlin. Yeah yeah, I already posted a heads up but little Christine has been a busy little bee.

First off her book seems to no longer be for sale on Amazon, unless you want to spend $33.00 for a hardcopy.

Screenshot (3160)

Like so many other readers today I found the description interesting and would probably have bought it if it had come to my notice almost any other way.

Now, when I was looking on Twitter for links to posts about Catlin I found this.

Screenshot (3165)

Rebecca seems to be doing a lot of reviewing, like for these books.

Screenshot (3177)

You’ll see why I included them in just a bit, have patience. Back to Catlin’s book. And here is Rebecca’s review on GR.

Screenshot (3154)

And on Amazon.

Screenshot (3164)

Here is her reviews for the other two on Amazon, and you can find them on GR also.

Screenshot (3184)

Screenshot (3178)

Now, Dear Readers, you might think I am waffling around with no point in sight but would I do that to you? Of course not. Today you get a twofer. Here is Rebecca in all her glory.

Screenshot (3147)

Screenshot (3148) Screenshot (3171)

Here are her reviews on GR.

Screenshot (3158) Screenshot (3157)

Here she advertises her services on Twitter.

Screenshot (3152)

“VERIFIED positive reviews”.  Now perhaps Catlin and any or all of those other authors didn’t buy a review from Rebecca, but I’m not inclined to believe that, are you? And I almost forgot this.

So there you have it. A BBA and a fiverr reviewer. Happy New Year from me and

Screenshot (4483)





4 responses to “A Little More Christine Catlin and Someone Else

  1. I’m really glad you have the energy to still investigate and inform us about all this crap and a twofer, you should get overtime! What a start to the year with this and two reviewers being busted for copying others’ reviews. 😦

      • Yes, the first one deleted everything immediately or GRs got flagged to death and took them down and the second one looks to be in the process of deleting. Maybe I was just unaware but this seems to be happening more frequently.

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