The End Is Different From The Beginning

This blog started out in my usual snarky style and then went to a very different place.  I thought about changing the beginning but, no, it stands.


It’s been one of those days where the insanity just makes you wonder about the thought processes of some people.  Our good friends over at that site implemented a new policy a few days ago, they have been trying ever so hard to be just like the regular folks since Annie Rice-cakes has given them her blessing.

Screenshot (1635)

Annie loves her BFFs at that site. And her BFFs are trying so very hard to appear reasonable.

Screenshot (1632)

Look at this, no name calling, peoples, it won’t be tolerated.

Screenshot (1631)

I always thought “soulless sociopath” wasn’t very complimentary but I guess I was wrong. And I don’t mean to be nitpicky but if you are going to insult someone then you really should spell their name correctly. I think you need-wait, what am I saying, I know you need an editor. (I’ve read one of your books, Mel) You keep posting these mistakes and people are gonna wonder if you can spell. Answer:  NO.

Where was I? Oh, yes, here.

Screenshot (1636)

Bullies, One-Star, Horned Monster, Hairy.  Pathetic failed lives, lowest …intellect, pathetic, small-minded, puny minds.  They love us over there.

Then the creepy factor goes sky-high when Observer claims to have researched us or some of us. Wait, wait, no. Did you just equate a group of reviewers with a mass murderer? You did.

You just said  1) You were “researching” our lives and how creepy is that? and 2) You assert that we are “on the same spectrum” as a serial killer.

I won’t point out that this last part is distasteful and disrespectful of the victims and their families and minimizes their suffering and the actions of one man bent on making everyone pay for what he believed the world denied him.

You can sit over there and point your grubby little fingers and call us names, like you just did, and insult our lives and appearance-we don’t give a flying fuck.

But to sit there and use a very recent tragedy as a comparison to reviewers, mostly women, that you want to bully, harass, and silence? How bankrupt of normal human compassion are you?

George Chen

Katie Cooper

Veronika Weiss

Cheng Yuan Hong

Christopher Michael-Martinez

Weihan Wang

These are the names of the dead. These are the names of the dead.

Tomorrow morning you will wake up and go to work, talk to your friends, have dinner with your families. You can write another less than stellar book and despite my 1 star review you will sell your book. You will go forward.

George, Katie, Veronika, Cheng, Christopher, and Weihan won’t.

There is a vast difference between receiving a snarky review and being murdered.

Screenshot (1637)

I guess the dead are fair game.