Review- Paw Enforcement

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I haven’t read any of Kelly’s previous books but I simply couldn’t resist the cover on this one. Awww, who’s a pretty girl? Officer Brigit, that’s who.

Rookie cop Megan Luz is lucky she still has a job after she expresses her dissatisfaction with her now former partner. He had it coming which is why she still has a job but her new partner doesn’t seem like any improvement- a 97 lb. package of brains, muscle, and shiny black fur.

Brigit isn’t impressed with Megan either. It’s a match made by necessity, Brigit’s former partner has retired and Megan needs one that isn’t going to encourage her to wade into deeper hot water.

It’s a fun read, Kelly head hops between Megan, Birgit, and the villain of the piece. Normally that would drive me round the bend but Kelly does a good job of it and doesn’t switch without telling you.

As Megan and Brigit struggle to find a good working relationship they also find a bomb in a mall food court waste bin. Both of them are slightly injured by the bomb as they evacuate the building and each wants to find the bomber.

With plenty of suspects, Megan and Brigit attach themselves to the investigation and start sniffing for clues. Then a second bomb explodes at the country club.

The plot moves along, the heroines are entertaining.  It was a little too easy to guess who the bomber was and the end was rather obvious and lacked any degree of tension but on the whole a nice, easy, entertaining book. Kelly has book two coming out in December and I am looking forward to another adventure with Officers Luz and Brigit.


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