Don’t Take My Word For It

Just don’t.  I think we’ve all gotten a little lazy and the whole Lauren Howard/Pippa  mess proved it. Everywhere I look there’s another blog about the horrendous bullying Lauren suffered on GoodReads.  Except she didn’t. What did happen got lost in the hysteria, the almost religious fervor of those who preached the gospel of Evil Bullies on GoodReads.

And very, very few looked beyond the accusations, the frenzy on Twitter, the biased journalism. It must be true, it’s everywhere. Except it wasn’t. And still people are talking about the young author bullied on GoodReads.  Why? Why didn’t they all do a little more research before taking to the web? I think it’s because we want a quick result and we are lazy, it’s just so much easier to let someone else hand us the “facts”, the story.

Stop that. Stop taking the word of some anonymous blogger or poster on a forum. Start looking.  Start with me. I will tell you that this is the truth as I find it, as I see it but don’t take my word alone. if I use a quote, google it, if I add a link, read it. If you can’t find something, ask me. Look for other sources, find hard data, find screenshots. Find everything you can and then make your decision.

Find the truth.  Don’t take my word for it and, please, don’t take anyone else’s either.

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