Mandy Baldwin Plays The Game

I love the internet, don’t you? You can find out the most interesting stuff.  For instance, today I found out that Mandy is claiming to have left GR but I’m not so sure about that. Mandy doesn’t believe in telling you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Wanna see what I found?

Our Mandy is a poet!

Screenshot (1409)










Notice anything else? Stay with me…

Mandy got herself all worked up over “fake” reviews and imaginary reviewers in this blog. (If it goes away I have screenshots)   “Given that the writers who have experienced this phenomenon produce notably original, vibrant work, I find myself extraordinarily proud to have joined their ranks.” M. Baldwin.  Yeah, honey, you’ve joined their ranks alright. I wouldn’t be so proud or so outspoken about it.  Such vehemence arouses suspicion.

Here is Mandy in KDP support bewailing the removal of a positive review and expressing disgust for the “fake” review:

Screenshot (1425)

Screenshot (1426)

Screenshot (1427)

Screenshot (1428)

She certainly is upset, isn’t she? I feel her pain, really I do. Stop laughing, poor Mandy is being targeted by evil reviewers bent on destroying her. I wouldn’t want that to happen, she isn’t the worst author I’ve ever read.

So here is the discussion on

Screenshot (1429)


Pigglywiggly has a legitimate complaint but it seems that it might have been one of Amazon’s bots being picky. It seems her review is gone again. Here is one of the two five star reviews for A Festival of Cherries.

Screenshot (1430)

Ms. Vowles really appreciates Mandy’s book. Ms. Vowles appreciates  all three of Mandy’s books, here are the reviews for Going Down to Burgois:

Screenshot (1431)

And for Quarter Past Summer:

Screenshot (1432)

Wow. Mandy has some dedicated fans, so dedicated that Pigglywiggly rushes to defend Mandy’s book on reviews she doesn’t think appreciate Mandy’s true genius. First up, that nasty review that Susan Smith posted:

Screenshot (1438)

Screenshot (1439)


Then the three star review:

Screenshot (1440)

Pigglywiggly sure does like Mandy, too bad we don’t know her real name. Mandy really hates it when you don’t use your real name, you might be imaginary. But wait, I have this little screenshot:

Screenshot (1433)

There she is, Miss NS Vowles, not imaginary after all. Hold on, Vowles, Vowles, where have I seen that name before? Why, I do believe right here:

Screenshot (1430)

Screenshot (1443)

Screenshot (1442)


Hmmm… Now let’s wander on over to GR, Mandy isn’t there anymore but that shouldn’t be a problem. Besides that blog I linked to near the beginning of this blog, Mandy also started this discussion:

2014 05 06 Mandy Baldwin fake reviews OP

image (2)

Mandy is angry, isn’t she? What about her ratings and reviews on GR? Is this poor author getting any good reviews? A few and look who I found:

Screenshot (1444)


Becky’s profile page:

Screenshot (1445)

And she’s a librarian! But wait, here’s someone else familiar:

Screenshot (1446)

No reviews but two five star ratings:

Screenshot (1447)

And Naomi is a fan of Mandy’s. Aww, that’s cute. And Naomi and Becky are cute, too, and look so much alike. Like the sisters that they are:

Screenshot (1449) Screenshot (1450)

Remember this part of Mandy’s bio?

Screenshot (1451)

I found this:

Screenshot (1407)

So let’s revisit some of Mandy’s best fiction:

“…but there had also been a flame-war between “Susan Smith” and a couple of people who loved this book, and had seen their reviews removed…”

“I don’t know the reviewers…”

“The positive reviewer evidently does still exist…”

“And are you really saying that I had some relationship with the positive reviewer?”

Oh yes, Mandy, we are saying just that.  Happy Mother’s Day.




Thanks to Tina Nicole and Linda Hilton for screenshots







12 responses to “Mandy Baldwin Plays The Game

  1. Unreal. It sucks that these dramas can increase sales which seems to encourage more and more authors to pull assorted “I’m being attacked” campaigns.

    Not disclosing a relationship to the author is grounds for amazon, goodreads and all U.S.-based sites hosting unpaid consumer reviews to remove it. It’s not impossible amazon would let the positive reviews re-post if they were edited to disclose the relationship.

  2. That’s hilarious.

    Ya know, in one of her posts in that feedback she tried to claim she posted about her review disappearances to ‘help other authors’ and I have to admit I thought it was bunk.

    Now I think she really was helping other indies. By giving them clear examples of what NOT to do. Though that was likely unintentional. 😉

    I’m sure she’ll find some way to blame Linda for all of this, as well. She seems to have quite an unhealthy fixation on her. It’s slightly creepy, really.

    Or she won’t care at all b/c apparently anyone who disagrees with her is not a real person.

    Poor Mandy.

    • I think she was worried Linda might have posted something to make others start looking into her background. Mandy has Suzanne Dome to thank for that, if it wasn’t for her advice on researching I might not ever have found all this out. 😉

  3. Most of the whiners have a string of excuses they use to dismiss their negative reviews while at the same time claiming that they don’t in fact hate negative reviews. They want qualified negative reviews to help them grow in their craft.

    Or so they say.

    They’re lying through their teeth.

    What I find most amusing is that my reviews are EXACTLY what these steaming piles of hot cow dung claim they want, and yet I’m one of the most hated names on STGRB.

    Author who knows how hard it is to write a book? Yep, that’s me.

    Higher education? Yes, master’s degree from fully-accredited state university. B.A. (honors), M.A.I.S. from Arizona State University.

    Using real name? You know it. As dangerous as it may be, I do use my full legal name on my GR account and GR reviews.

    Reviews that detail what’s wrong with the books? Pretty much every single time.

    They just plain hate me because I tell the truth. And I’m not about to stop.

      • Hold up a minute. You never told me about the castle, Linda.

        I feel like I don’t even know you. You’ve betrayed me.

        And my vacation plans.


      • I only allow minions who help me clean my house to visit me in my (thoroughly non-existent) castle. As you know by the whirling dust bunny story, no one has helped me clean, so no one gets to come to the (thoroughly non-existent) castle.

  4. Do we need a screen shot of the dedication from Mandy’s book Going Down to Burgois? The book that’s dedicated “For Becky, Danny and Naomi”?

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  6. .38 Caliber,

    Seems you have an axe to grind, with Mandy Baldwin, to the point, that you seem to be obsessive, and a borderline stalker. I’ll have my counsel take a look at that. By the way, you aren’t nearly as anonymous as you believe yourself to be. With the right equipment, it’s just a matter of minutes, really. Let’s play a game. 🤡🤡🤡

    We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

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