Speaking of Pits…

From the biggest pit of all:

Screenshot (1479)

I don’t recall accusing Mandy Baldwin of having sock puppets, but let’s go here and look. Nope, no mention of socks. And what about that comment by Gavin?

Screenshot (1481)

I don’t see any socks, do you? No? Well then, I guess J. is just lying to his/her “friends” about what I really said. Just like Mandy Baldwin lied to pretty much everybody when she claimed she didn’t know that  positive reviewer and hated fakes, and just like that reviewer and one other lied to everybody when they did not disclose their relationship to Baldwin.

Speaking of fakes or, in this case, made up names (Mandy really, really hates those):

Screenshot (1406)

Hello, Mandy/Rose. I see you are proud to join the rank. (No, that isn’t a typo or an incomplete sentence.)


8 responses to “Speaking of Pits…

  1. Ugh, I only asked a question cause I didn’t know who she was. Idiocy knows no bounds when it comes to certain people itching for a fight. Am I seriously still getting stalked by the anonymous commenters on that site? Grrrr!

    • They will now follow you forever. They are like pigeons in the park or ducks in the pond, once you have fed them (even inadvertently) they will remember you and follow you around, leaving piles of crap behind them.

  2. You did fracture his fantasy of being a 12 yr old girl, that might make any really creepy guy upset. Maybe if you sent him some sparkly nail polish and a Justin Bieber poster he would forgive you.

  3. Hiya,

    Have you seen STGRB? Today Athelissa’s attack is on you and indirectly Gavin Heatherington about whom Melissa D. is green with jealousy. Isn’t it appropriate that site is a horrific, tasteless GREEN, the color of Athelissa’s jealousy. We think you are courageous for protecting Gavin.


    Athelissa and her cronies have been telling everybody that you (running this blog) is actually Anna Karenina of Ammy as well as Mahala, Zahara, Cherisiana etc. Melissa D. has got the hype and the rhetoric honed so well she fools new people (like Anne Rice and other authors) really well and manipulates them to do what she tells. But it only takes a few days of hanging out with Melissa Douthit to know that she is an author who attacks everybody, for her own benefit, for her books, for attention, and out of jealousy.

    I hope I can hang out here with you guys because you are doing a brave job as The Resistance. Whatever you want to do to contain this out-of-control Melissa Douthit, we will support and follow you.


    ps: Please feel free to not post this because Melissa D’s comments about your IDs might be sensitive. We don’t really want to help spread her lies.

    • I am not at all sensitive about my identities. But really, no one at stgrb can claim that Anna and I are the same person, they have outed her real name and I post under mine so it is very difficult to prove that Janis in California and Mahala in Michigan are the same person, impossible in fact.

      Cherisiana? Name is familiar but not me either.

      The Resistance? lmao. No.

    • I am so grateful that Spare Ammo protects me. She doesn’t have to but she does it anyway. She just knows what is right and I see her as a truly brave, reliable friend who I can really count on to see past bullshit and make her own mind up. It does take courage to do that. Honestly, every time I have been in the line of fire, Spare Ammo has been there to soften the blow. Don’t know how I can begin to repay her.

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