Review- This Case Is Gonna Kill Me

Screenshot (2000)I marked this book to read but something always seemed to get in the way then last week it popped out from the TBR pile and I finally read it. Glad I did.

Linnet Ellery is a recent law school graduate who has managed to land a job at a “White-Fang” law firm though she suspects that the friendship between her vampire foster father and a senior partner is the only reason she got the job. True, but Linnet earnest and rather fumbling is by chance and luck a little more than the vampire law believed her to be. One of the things I liked best about Linnet was the fact that her job was front and center in the plot so many heroines seem to have a job that falls by the wayside as they go off adventuring but not here.

When the lawyer Linnet is working with is killed by a homicidal werewolf, Linnet narrowly escapes the same fate. When Linnet is assigned his one and only case, a case that has dragged on for years, she realizes that somewhere in the mountain of paperwork is the reason for his death- and hers too if she can’t find it. Enlisting the help of the Fae investigator the firm uses Linnet sets out to find the truth.

Bornikova  has created a normal young woman who has worked had to please both her father and her vampire foster father, both of them seriously underestimate and undervalue her. She misjudges the intentions of a younger vampire in the firm and when she realizes it she has enough spine and anger, both at him and herself, to publicly call him out for his actions.  She has a love of horses and is an accomplished rider. She also has the most amazing luck when it comes to surviving werewolf attacks.

Normally I would be irritated by Bornikova’s sly hints that Linnet is not what she seems or thinks she is but I was so happy to encountered a heroine that worried about the rent, had a family, wasn’t the chosen one, had no mad ninja skillz, had normal friends, and wasn’t the girl all men wanted that I hope she leaves Linnet pretty much just as she is and doesn’t clutter her up with some sort of paranormal talent.

Not a perfect book but if you are like me and long for a main character who is pretty much like a normal person then maybe this book is for you.

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