The Sad, Sad Tale of a Basement Living Mama’s Boy


Hello, dear readers, y’all remember my little admirer, Kevin Weinberg aka parogar? Well, it seems I’ve upset him. You know what happens when he gets upset? No? Read this and this and make sure to read the comments.

You have read this, I hope.

Let me entertain you with a few choice comments kev/paro has posted the later deleted, the better to try to deny, on Amazon. Enjoy or trigger warning for violent content.

The “girl” kev is referring to in the first ss is Trainwreck Maggie, the woman who called me this summer. Ah, just look at these posts by sweet little kev, isn’t he just a charmer? Don’t you wish your kids were just like him?


Well, kev has emailed on a couple of occasions. Just last week to apologize for the comments he made about me including the one above. That sure wasn’t worth the time I took to read it.

Tonight he emailed me again. Uh, you all remember I have posted that I’m not a nice person, right?

As you will see saying that you will call his mommy makes little kev wet his pants. However he now makes his first serious misstep.

There are two, possibly three men who can give me an order, oh alright, four since Gregor posted a goat just for me.






WOW! Did sweet little kev just threaten to take me out? Why, yes, I do believe he did. At this point I downed my glass of Coca Cola and picked up my sharp, pointy stick and, well, you have to know this won’t be pretty.


Because I do take that to be a definite threat and considering some of little kev’s other posts and his little group of psycho-followers I think other people will, too.

Okay, did I threaten kev’s family? No, no I didn’t. But notice how just the mere suggestion of informing his mom of his online activities makes him lose it.

Yes, it does make me wonder and, yes, I am going down to grace the boys in blue with the honor of my presence. Now kev’s tune changes.


So now he didn’t say he would take me out? And still he tries to make change reality and say I threatened his family and he will take appropriate legal action.


Yes, indeed I do have some very interesting screenshots. And not for a minute do I believe that he doesn’t wish me physical harm. He has said he does wish several of us harm all too often.

I’m not the one making the mistake here. So in 9 minutes he has managed to tell his mom and the rest of his family I’m going to be calling? Yeah, sure. He might have run upstairs from his basement boycave and told his mom- what? Oh, I’m sure that totally fictitious conversation would have been one I would love to have heard.

Yes, I really am going to the cops. I don’t have any sympathy or patience for this little boy who despite his claims of adulthood denies responsibility for his actions and tries to shove the blame on someone-anyone else.

Like maybe me or Linda, his drones just love her.






And now he’s written a whole ‘nother rant about me “threatening” his family so I can just imagine what they are hoping happens to me.  There’s just one very large problem for kev and his drones, they picked the wrong women.

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